Post Conference Workshop | Saturday, 19 March

Starts at 8:00 am CST

Post Conference 1: UT Thickness Evaluation Skills Enhancement Workshop

Mike Sens, Chevron
David Bajula, Acuren

The workshop is intended for technicians’ evaluations to meet the growing industry needs for differentiating between laminations, corrosion, erosion, and pitting.  This 4-hour workshop will better prepare you for meeting the various industry performance examinations.   Additionally, during the workshop there will be a contest to assess skill accuracy and up to two (2) technicians for each session will be offered a paid entrance into the ASNT ISQ examination (1); sponsored by the Greater Houston Section of ASNT (GHASNT) and a few private parties.  (1) Qualification requirements and complete registration will be the responsibility of the individual, less the fees required.  

Participants are requested to bring their own UT equipment (thickness gauge or scope) for use during the workshop.  Some Olympus digital thickness equipment and transducers will be available along with calibration standards, couplant, etc. for testing on the thickness samples provided.   

1711 Arlingate Lane

Columbus, Ohio 43228

1-614-274-6003 x 733